To celebrate the icon’s sweet 16th, a limited-edition collection introduces pearls to the next generation of intrepid adventurers.

Sixteen years ago, Karen Walker introduced us to the Runaway Girl, the beautiful little nomad who celebrates adventure and has become a statement coming of age gift for girls setting off to make their mark on the world. Instantly recognisable as a symbol of adventure, the Runaway Girl has become a favourite piece in modern jewellery collections.

To honour the Runaway Girl’s 16th birthday this year, Karen Walker has launched a new ‘Girl with a Pearl’ collection. Headlining the collection is an elegantly elevated Limited Edition Sweet 16 Runaway Girl, with a delicate pink pearl added to the classic design in place of her signature bindle. In addition to the Runaway Girl, the collection features dainty rings and earrings in both silver and gold, all highlighted by soft pink pearls. The designs bring a fresh, playful take on pearls, inviting a new generation to see them in a new light and introducing modern ways wear a classic.

The ‘Girl with a Pearl’ collection is available at Karen Walker Britomart now, but take note that this limited-edition Runaway Girl will only be available through Summer 2017/2018.

Vermeer pearl earrings from $219

Split Wisdom pearl ring from $179

Girl With a Pearl Limited Edition necklace from $269

Wisdom pearl hoops from $239

Vermeer pearl ring from $169