Voulez-vous coucher avec kikki.K?

With the recent end to daylight savings and the sudden brutally cold turn in the weather, our bed is looking more appealing than ever. And given that most people don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night that we need for optimal functioning, bed is a place we should really be spending some more quality time.

Swedish design store kikki.K is all about making life better in simple and beautiful ways, and their new collection of sleep products contains everything you need to make bedtime the best time of day. From cosy slippers, beautiful teapots and cups and lavender scented candles to nightstand water jugs, silky eye masks and a 3am Notebook to jot down all those brilliant or worrying thoughts that come to mind in the small hours, the collection has a touchpoint for every bedtime concern.

Good sleep tip: Aim to keep your bedroom around 19-20 degrees at night – it’s the optimal sleeping temperature.