What to eat and do around this special occasion.

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year, is the most important of the holidays for the Chinese. It is based on a traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar and falls on a different date each year.

The upcoming year of the Dog commences tomorrow – Friday, 16 February 2018 – and from tonight, celebrations and festivities will be happening in numerous Asian countries as well as here. If you are keen to get amongst this fascinating occasion, there are lots of ways to do so right here at Britomart.


We are VERY happy to learn that foods traditionally enjoyed during Chinese New Year include seafood, dumplings, sweets and chicken. Just in case you were wondering, we compiled a great little list of options…

Chicken all day everyday everything at ORLEANS

DUMPLINGS (we don’t even need a reason) at XUXU

Wild caught Queensland black tiger prawns at HANOI (plus other ridiculously good seafood dishes)

And to tick the ‘sweet’ box ? A cookie dough macaron from MILSE.


Clothing mainly featuring the colour red is commonly worn throughout the Chinese New Year because it was once believed that red could scare away evil spirits and bad fortune. Red is a colour of good luck!


Gift giving is a big part of the festivities but if you are giving a present to a Chinese friend or colleague to honour the tradition, there are some things to remember. Items that are appropriate to gift include tea, alcohol, fruit or home supplies but remember the following tips:

The key point to choosing a New Year gift for children is to select an item which can express your good wishes to the children, either for their healthy growth or for their cleverness.

DO NOT give things in black or white (as these colours are used at funerals) or a necklace (as this is seen as an intimate item, not a token of friendship). Also avoid giving a green hat as a gift – wearing a green hat means one’s wife is unfaithful.  So a green hat should be avoided!