How to beat the heat on the street at Britomart

Whether you’re after a cold drink to chase the day or an icy treat on a stick, cone in a bowl, these are the fastest ways to drop your core temperature and stay hydrated on a hot day.

Luxury ice blocks at Milse

Just about literally heaven on a stick, Milse’s gelato ice blocks ($8.5) are an indulgence worth working up a sweat for. Salted caramel and hazelnut, peach iced tea, and milk chocolate and cornflake are just a few of the tempting flavours to be found in their freezer cabinet. And we reckon you haven’t lived until you’ve tried the meringue-covered and blowtorched Bombe Alaska on a stick ($9.50).

Herbaceous hydration at Amano

Heard of shrubs? No, not the kind that grow in your garden, the kind that’s been puzzling you on chichi drinks menus. Quick explainer: a shrub is an ultra-refreshing cold drink made from a sweetened vinegar-based syrup. Fresh, mildly sweet, herbaceous with an acidulous kick, it quenches a dry throat while satisfying a light sugar craving.

Although you can add alcohol, we reckon they’re even better without (and won’t compromise your Dry January record). At Amano, the shrub menu includes unexpected combinations like green apple and coriander; apricot, nectarine and thyme; fennel and mint; and beetroot and black pepper. At just $5 each, they’re easy on the pocket too.

Spice-laced cocktails at Xuxu Dumpling Bar

Although Xuxu is deservedly famous for its dumplings (the clue is in the name), it’s also deservedly famous for its cocktails (the clue is also in the name, though more subtly). Lead mixologist Mojo does his name proud by pouring real energy into the bar’s weekly creative cocktails, bespoke beverages and Asia-inspired classics, like their rosemary margarita ($18), which comes rimmed with a crust of chilli salt and sweetened with a dash of Gekkeiken plum wine.

Virtuous refuelling at L’Assiette

With its location directly in the eye-line of people leaving Les Mills Britomart after their workout, L’Assiette is well-placed to supply healthy post-gym rehydration. There’s kombucha (hibiscus is particularly good), an immunity blend of carrot, apple, orange, lemon, turmeric & ginger for just $4, coconut chia juice ($7.5) and customisable natural smoothies (add a shot of protein powder for recovery).

Iced lattes and crazy cones at Miann

Their hot chocolate is a winter staple for us, and Miann’s iced latte looks set to establish a similar position in our summertime drinking schedule. Creamy and refreshing on the rocks, it carries a solid caffeine kick that belies its innocent appearance. Plus, keep an eye out for their new gelato cart in Takutai Square, serving up conefuls of cooling decadence, from a take on the classic Kiwi pavlova, to raspberry sorbet (didn’t Prince write a song about that one?) and coconut stratiatella crunch.

Blackboard specials at The Chamberlain

Fourteen ice-cold golden beers poured on tap, with one to suit the taste of every beer-lover, with happy hours from 4-6pm. There’s just not a lot else we need to say about this one.

Frozen yoghurt at White’s & Co

It’s been getting pretty warm pretty early, and we reckon fro-yo qualifies as a breakfast food, which is why we’ve been heading to White’s & Co to start the day as we mean to continue – with a soft-serve frozen yoghurt topped with whatever level of sprinkles we think our adherence to New Year’s Resolutions allows us to get away with.