Britomart is, and always has been, full of makers. People who make beautiful, interesting things, clothes, buildings, art, change. People who make people’s days, every day. Who make big things and who make small things.


What do you do?
I’m the designer and brand director for Karen Walker Jewellery.

What have you made here?
The Girl with a Pearl. Our Runaway girl is turning 16 this year and we wanted to mark the occasion.  She has barely changed in this time, but now she’s all grown up we’ve given her her own perfect pink pearl. She is part of our new jewellery collection which features beautiful pink pearls and is about introducing pearls to a generation that hasn’t experienced them as their own in a modern and interesting way.

Why is it special?
For 16 years, the Runaway Girl has represented the Karen Walker world of intrepidity and adventure. The pearl marks the Runaway Girl’s new maturity and, in exchange, she gives the pearl her playfulness, completely reimagining what the pearl stands for. It’s a limited edition piece.

What will you make next?
We have lots of beautiful pieces in the works at the moment. We’re fine-tuning something very special that will be ready in the new year, until then we will keep it under wraps.