A style consultant at Trelise Cooper, Isabella is looking forward to a Christmas stocking filled with vouchers for future fun, and beautiful accessories

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

Definitely spending the majority of it at the beach. Hopefully it’s going to be good weather. And lots of food. Turkey at Christmas and left over turkey sandwiches on Boxing day is the best.

What do you do to celebrate Christmas?

Usually it’s family orientated so my brother and his girlfriend, and my boyfriend get together and have some champagne, and open presents, but this year it’s a bit different because my boyfriend’s parents are over from Canada so not really sure what’s happening. We’ll play it by ear.

How do you treat yourself and what do you do for others at Christmas?

I do like the idea that because it’s Christmas I can buy myself a gift. Because its the Christmas period - it’s allowed! And for others: give lots of love! We did a big family trip this year, so it’ll be smaller presents this year.

Do you have a wish list of things you’d like people to get you?

  • A voucher for Fabric. They have the best jeans. 
  • Karen Walker are doing great sunglasses.
  • And then dinner at the Sugar Club I think would be really nice.

What would you like to gift people for Christmas?

  • A night’s stay at the So Hotel, but it’s a bit bougie. [Ed’s note: Next year you’ll be able to stay at The Hotel Britomart!] Depends on your budget. 
  • A Jo Malone London candle is always nice. 
  • And a Trelise Cooper tote handbag because we’ve got so many different colours and shapes. They make great gifts. 

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