We shouldn’t be too surprised that the owner of premium shoe store Lineage has shoes on her gift list this year.

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

I’ll try and get some relaxation time! My husband comes from a very big family so Christmas day there can be up to 50 people and lots of children of all ages. Three generations at least. This year is even busier during the festive season because Chinese New Year is early next year – on the 25th of January – and we’ll just be recovering from Christmas, New Year, and then we’ll be into the lunar celebrations, which go on for about 15 days. Lots of constantly eating. 

Will you go away?

’ll most likely enjoy blobbing out at home any chance I can, when I’m not working. It’s a nice time to be in Auckland too because everyone goes away, the traffic’s not heavy and you don’t have to queue at a cafe or restaurant for a meal. Some things close, but I don’t mind that. 

How do you treat yourself?

When I’m shopping for others, I do come across things that I like. I don’t get an opportunity to shop a lot, so when it’s gifting time, I invariably end up spending a bit on myself. People probably think I’m quite difficult to buy for because I’m very particular, so at least if I buy it i’m going to like it!

On that note, what would you like people to get you for Christmas?

  • I’m due for a new bottle of perfume and my favourite for a long time is Creed – Fleurissimo. World stocks it. I do like that scent and I only discovered very recently that it was created for Grace Kelly for her wedding day.
  • I would like a day spa, a massage and facial. A lot of people recommend East Day Spa. 
  • I’d appreciate a Britomart Black Card because then I can spend it at my leisure, go shopping and have, say, lunch at Amano. I’m expecting a high-value card! And then if you don’t find something you want at the time, you can use it later in the year if you want to. 

Do you have any Gift List suggestions?

  • For the sartorial man, RJB Design have really nice pocket squares. He has a really good selection of ties as well. I always enjoy going in there and looking.
  • We have quite a few people who like our Pedro Garcia sneakers – we sell out every delivery they get. They’re very comfortable. A lot of ladies put this on their gift list and a lot have been held for Christmas. I never travel without mine. 
  • And again. The Britomart Black card. It’s a no brainer. 

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