We meet Craig from Mulleez Seafood – he’s a full time salmon whisperer and part time lover of a nice cold beer…

Catch Mulleez Seafood at La Cigale Market at Britomart every weekend for salmon so fresh it literally just jumped out of the water. The smoked salmon is also worth a notable mention, sure to create some serious platter-envy.

What specialty do you bring to the market?

We bring hot Manuka smoked products and fresh fish along with seasonal lines as they are available.

What makes it special/different?

We are an artisan producer and do not wholesale so the only place to get our specialty products is from us directly. We pride ourselves on not using sugar or sweeteners in our smoking process. We keep our products as natural as possible and cater for gluten free and sugar free dietary needs.

How did you come to be passionate about your product?

We are passionate about our products as we do not use preservatives on any of our plain smoked product lines and our salmon is amazing and so good for you.

What’s your favourite way to use the product or your favourite recipe?

Fishcakes, in salads, Tuscan smoked salmon heated and served with seasonal veges. The list goes on……

What’s your favourite stall other than your own?

Uri’s vegetables

Do you have any other specialties (eg. party tricks or hidden talents)?

I like a nice cold beer… haha

Where can people find out more about you?

Visit our website www.mulleez.mobi or email me at mulleez@gmail.com. You can catch Mullez at La Cigale Market at Britomart Saturday 8am-1pm and Sunday 9am-1pm.