Grab a sweet discount on Macpac’s Uber range plus some free Airpoints before the deal’s gone.

When you’re out getting amongst it in nature or on the mean streets of the city, the last thing you want is your clothing getting in the way. As the temperatures head downwards over the next couple of months, we know you’ll be wanting something lightweight and good-looking to keep you warm without making you look like the Michelin Man.

Macpac’s stylish, streamlined classic puffer range, Uber Light Down, solves all those problems at once. Until March 12, when you pop into Macpac’s Britomart store, you can get $50 off any Macpac Uber product plus 20 Airpoints, and warm up without bulking up. Better yet, if you put those free Airpoints towards a winter holiday, you’ll find that you can compact your Uber jacket down to an improbably small size in your weekender bag… and it’ll spring back into shape instantly on unpacking.