Quite literally. Join Australian makeup artist Alphie Sadsad as he hosts exclusive one-on-one pro lessons at Bobbi Brown.

Infuse your morning makeup routine with new life, with fashion-forward inspiration from the makeup gurus at Bobbi Brown Britomart.

Both a teacher and an artist, Bobbi Brown has built her brand around empowering real people to highlight their own beautiful looks with the help of a few simple tools. And to ensure those down under are keeping on trend, Alphie Sadsad, Australian Bobbi Brown Pro Artist, is visiting Britomart to share some wisdom.

Visiting for one day only, Alphie is in store on Friday 9 June from 9am -4pm, offering personalised, expert advice that’s sure to give your look some extra zing. You’ll be paired with an artist for a 40 minute one-on-one makeup lesson, with Alphie weighing in. Every lesson will be completely customised to your needs, so come with questions!

Spaces are limited, so bookings are essential. Hold your spot with a $120 booking fee, redeemable on the day for your favourite new products.

To book, call 0800 262 242 or e-mail enquiries@bobbibrownstore.co.nz.