Karen Walker’s collaboration with Madewell, plus hot boots, new frames and a chat with Ross at WORLD

DREAM COLLABORATION Karen Walker let US trendsetters Madewell go through her closet. The results are fantastic

The fresh-faced younger sibling of US mega-brand J.Crew, Madewell does denim and basics with a twist that appeal to fashion It Girls like Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift. And Madewell have a big fan here too – Karen Walker – who has collaborated with them on a breezy, bohemian 23-piece collection that launches today. It was, she says, “a truly collaborative project that had all the fun and surprises one wants from a collab”. Click here to read our chat with Karen about the denim-heavy collab, and her holiday plans.

IF THE BOOT FITS We’re experiencing some serious gold lust at Zambesi

With New Zealand Fashion Week coming up, we’re finding ourselves calculating the cost:benefit ratio of dropping $1890 on this divine pair of Margiela Cut-Out Cowboy Boots at Zambesi. On the benefit side, it’s a show-stopping designer pair that will last for years. On the cost side: instant noodles till Christmas. It’s a coin toss. You decide.

SPRING FORTH The new collection from Deadly Ponies is bloomin’ awesome

Just as daffodils and freesias are popping up unexpectedly in parks and on roadsides, the new flora-influenced Deadly Ponies Spring collection likewise arrives in full bloom this Saturday. The centrepiece bag, Mr Tulip ($725), has an inverted flower shape, and comes in beautiful Clay, Duck Egg and Nightshade colourways.

SHOP TALK Ross Misson at WORLD travels a long way to work. Lucky he likes it. 

Are you from Auckland? Yeah, I’ve always lived in Auckland. I grew up out south in a little place called Waiau Pa, which is kind of Karaka-ish way. So quite a distance but I’ve lived all around Auckland in many different places.

Where are you now? I just moved to Otaua, out Waikato way. It’s on the border of Auckland.

How do you get to work? I’ve got to drive to the train and then catch two trains into Auckland every day. It takes about an hour and a half total.

What’s your most loathed crime against fashion? That’s a hard one. But if I had to pick one thing, it’d be that people are afraid of colour or print. Even if it’s just one thing – it doesn’t have to be a whole suit or a whole outfit. You can just pick one thing and wear it with full black or full white. We don’t have to be afraid of that.

What’s a wardrobe staple for you? A very good pair of black shoes or sneakers. My all-time favourite is my Acne Studios pair – really comfortable, but also really stylish and modern.

What’s your favourite Auckland city secret? I don’t know what it’s called, but you go over to the Shore and there’s an underpass where you look over the city – on the North Shore side once you get off the motorway. It’s like a 10-minute drive. Must be an old ferry terminal from back in the day. You sit there in this little car park and look over the whole city.

Do you have a favourite track at the moment? I do love Azealia Banks’ ‘Anna Wintour’. That’s one of my all-time favourites at the moment.

And do you like ketchup or mayonnaise better? Ketchup.

Good choice.

IT’S HOW YOU FRAME IT  Kate Sylvester’s new glasses are right-on for readers

Kate Sylvester‘s love of a good book often gives direction to her fashion collections, from Little Red Riding Hood to Donna Tartt’s The Secret History. So, naturally, the names of her new sunglasses (priced from $349) and optical frames are drawn from her favourite authors and characters – like Leo (Tolstoy), Miranda (July), Holden (Caulfield), Dorian (Gray) and Lewis (Carroll). They’re in Kate’s Britomart store now.