How you can choose more conscious clothes and beauty / Guess the celebrity client / Your move, Karen / Making savings at Ted Baker


LOOKING GOOD Why choosing a Sustainable Salon makes your beauty treatment better

Organic and sustainable beauty is exploding, and the Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for it in the world. But salon clients are also becoming more interested in how salons deal with treatment-related waste, hair clippings, chemical disposal and product packaging. We talked to Greg Murrell of Ryder and Dr Catherine Stone of The Face Place about what the international Sustainable Salons programme is, and why they’ve signed up. Click here to read it.

ON POINT Like his celeb client’s best-known character, Ronald Biddick is a man who does his job very, very well

Ronald J Biddick of RJB Design makes suits for men who want to look sharp. And celebrity clients don’t come much sharper than the one that we’re annoyingly not going to reveal until you click this link to read our conversation with Ronald about tailoring, travel and the Britomart eatery where he possibly spends too much time.

DOLLAR SENSE Get a head start on your winter wardrobe at Ted Baker this week

Quirky-but-quality British brand Ted Baker prides itself on being “twice the label for half the price”, and from this Thursday 28 March until Sunday 31 March, you can get 30 percent off that value equation at Ted Baker with their end-of-March customer event. (Don’t ask us to do the actual maths on that.) Miss out, and you’ll be an April fool.

MINDFUL FASHION Kate Sylvester wants to show you where your clothes come from

Although the promise of fast fashion – having an eternally “up to date” wardrobe, on the cheap – is tempting, it’s a false equation. Cheap clothes = poorly treated workers, badly made garments, and environmental pollution. But buying thoughtfully can be hard when the path a garment took to get to the retail rack isn’t always clear to the consumer. That’s why Kate Sylvester co-founded the Mindful Fashion New Zealand initiative. Click through to read what it’s about.

CHECK MATE Why we harbour suspicions that Karen Walker is a secret pawn star

We’ve never played chess with Karen Walker, but something tells us that she has the long-game foresight and out-of-left-field strategy skills to make her an absolute master. So instead of challenging her to a game, we’ll stick to looking the part with pieces from her new Onwards and Upwards collection of intellectual-yet-insouciant separates and dresses. Available in-store at Britomart now.