Interview and photograph by Florence Noble.

Whether you’re after a hot flat white or a frosty frozen yoghurt, Lucas can sort you out at White’s & Co in the Atrium on Takutai.

Are you from Auckland?

No. I’m from New York. I came here for university.

What do you do here?

Officially, my title is Cafe Assistant. I like to see it as Barista.

Do you make coffee?


You’re fully a barista then.

Yeah. I got all of my training here.

What are you studying?

I study physiology.

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

Doctor’s Without Borders. They’re volunteer doctors who go to war-torn areas.

What’s your favourite thing to spend money on?

Probably food. There’s this one place in Ponsonby. El Sizzling Chorizo, Argentinian Barbecue. It’s amazing.

What do you recommend from there?

Their biggest dish. It’s a $40 dish and comes with everything they offer. 

Do you eat all of that by yourself?


Where’s your favourite place to eat around here?

Smart Sushi. I get lunch there pretty often. It’s so close it takes me 10 seconds.

Where’s the best place for a beverage?

Talulah is a really nice occasional thing.

What’s something not many people know about you?

I have dual citizenship. I was born in the United States and my mum is from here.

Do you have a Christmas wish list?

Probably a new pair of jeans.

Are there any things you’ve seen that would be good gifts for Christmas from around here?

Yes. Adidas shoes.

Have you got your eye on anything to treat yourself with for Christmas?

Yes. This one PC video game. It’s called Untitled Goose Game. It’s an indie puzzle game made in Australia, where you play as a goose, and wreak havoc on a tiny little town. That’s literally all it is!