Gimblett_2017_Resevoir_edition of 2_screenprint on paper_ 965 x 965mm unframed_aiiiGIM576-17_web
Gimblett_2017_Purple Heaven_edition of 3_screenprint on paper_ 965 x 965mm unframed_aiiiGIM566-17_web

It’s easy to miss the Britomart Project Space if you’re power walking along Customs Street to a meeting or to get that morning coffee from Shaky Isles. However, take our advice and slow the pace a little – you won’t be disappointed.

The latest installation to hit our hole-in-the-wall gallery is a series of new prints by prominent New Zealand artist Max Gimblett, who lives and works in New York City, USA. An experienced professional, Max has studied drawing at The Ontario College of Art in Toronto (1964), painting at San Francisco Art Institute in California (1965), and psychology at the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York (1983-2007). Gimblett was one of the first New Zealand artists to have an artwork exhibited in the Guggenheim in New York. His international significance was further cemented with his inclusion in another major exhibition in the United States, this time at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2011.

Gimblett’s philosophies and practices encompass influences as varied as Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology and ancient cultures. The artist utilises combinations of mixed media such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, epoxy, resin, plaster, paint and pigments to create extremely delicate surfaces which are often interrupted by bold gestural brush marks in acrylic polymers and paints.

This unique exhibition brings boldness and energy to Britomart Project Space and offers an interesting insight into a large mix of cultures and experiences that are evident in Gimblett’s work.