Tis the season…for tacos. Celebrate summer with Mexico’s brand-new summer menu.

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Raise your glasses, people, because ceviche season is back. Switch your sweaters for sunnies and prepare to raise your glass, because this week, Mexico has dropped a fresh summer menu, packed with favourites and sure to bring all the celebratory vibes.

Fresh, light flavours are the name of the game this time of year, and Mexico’s new menu answers the call with new taco concoctions, just-caught ceviche and guacamole that will have you ordering round after round. From the taco lineup, you must try the new Chimichurri fish, topped with red slaw and lemon zest crema (yum), the Xocolate mole beef with charred pineapple and chipotle mayo, or the veg-centric Yeast-battered pumpkin, topped with wilted kale and toasted sunflower seeds.

New salads may lighten your caloric load, but you won’t sacrifice a bit on taste – we’re talking about a summer slaw piled with spiced pepitas, green onions, jalepeños and ricotta dressing, or red rice with green beans, baby spinach, chili-lime dressing and queso on top. Need we mention the spicy sweet corn with blackened-onion crema? Or the just-right guacamole piled with crunchy tostada chips? Or the Crema Catalana and watermelon granita for dessert? As always, you can keep your margarita glass topped up with a carafe of one Frida’s ten famous flavours – from the classic Mexico City lime to blackberry and coconut, featuring a cinnamon sugar rim. You simply can’t go wrong here.


Sunny summer lunches can’t be beat, so from now through to February, Mexico is offering a Mexican Degustation menu to accompany your cheeky workday marg. Featuring a taco of your choice, guacamole, famous spiced fried chicken or chimichangas and salads to boot, this menu is a winner. It comes with a Mexican soda and is available from 12-5pm for just $20. It’s almost lunchtime now and we hear Mexico calling your name. Olé!