With pineapple rum, coconut syrup and yuzu marmalade – be sure to try Cafe Hanoi and Xuxu Dumpling Bar’s curious new cocktails.

When the idea of braving the chilly evenings for a night out starts to sound less appealing than staying in lounging in front of the fire with a generous pour of red – these tangy cocktails are sure to have you sold on heading out. Perfect when paired with dumplings or for a pre-dinner sip, these five new cocktails are available at Cafe Hanoi and Xuxu Dumpling Bar now.

Cocktail tò mò

Available at Cafe Hanoi
A curious cocktail that combines the flavours of Vietnamese cooking. Kaffir lime, fish sauce, mirin, Tabasco, lemongrass syrup and ginger beer are mixed with a herbaceous gin to create a tangy and complex drink.

Plum Fizz

Available at Xuxu Dumpling Bar
Made with two types of Japanese plum wine – Choya plum and Shiso Umeshi. This cream-based cocktail is shaken with egg white, Peychaud’s bitters and lemongrass syrup to enhance the sweet and sour plum notes. It is then finished with a dash of soda water and shaved nutmeg.

Matcha Do About Nothing

Available at Cafe Hanoi
This tropical spin on the mojito mixes Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation pineapple rum with coconut syrup and matcha powder before being finished with soda and fresh mint. A refreshing drink that is great when paired with spicy food.

Flight of the Fantail

Available at Cafe Hanoi
An Asian spin on a classic Martini. Made with French ginger liqueur, yuzu marmalade and fresh cucumber, this multifaceted cocktail flits across your senses like a fantail.

The Tamarillo Overtures

Available at Cafe Hanoi and Xuxu Dumpling Bar
This bold seasonal cocktail is made using a sweetly spiced tamarillo and rice vinegar shrub. It has flavours of stewed fruit, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and is mixed with tequila and Japanese plum wine.