As a manager at Co-Op, Trelise Cooper’s ‘little sister’ brand, Natalija has her eye on some of their own merchandise for her Christmas list.

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

I’m working throughout the holiday season, but we’re closed on Christmas Day, so hopefully if it’s a nice day, I’ll go to the beach or something. I’m from Serbia, so our Christmas is actually the 7th of January. Two weeks behind. We use the old calendar – the Christian Orthodox calendar. I think Ukraine uses the same one, and a few other countries. So, technically the 25th of December, we don’t do much for it. I’ll just spend it with my family and go to the beach! We have a celebration for New Years on the 14th.

So what do you do on the 7th January?


We have Christmas! We do presents and a big family breakfast. My mum bakes this big cake and puts a coin in it and we break it up. Whoever gets the coin has luck for the year. 

How do you treat yourself and what do you do for others at Christmas?

I’m happy to work during holiday season because I don’t celebrate Christmas then. So all my staff can spend it with their families. And because Christmas is two weeks later I can make the most of the Boxing Day sales. I can buy all my presents on Boxing Day. It’s awesome.

What’s on your Wish List for this Christmas?

  • I would love a Deadly Ponies bag. I’ve got my eye on one and I walk past it every day. I’ve already got one, but there are new ones that I really like, and I’m a sucker for a good bag. 
  • A MAC voucher would be great. 
  • And I’d love a Hip Group voucher for a dinner at Amano because I go there quite a lot for special occasions. Amano is my go-to. It’s so good. 

And your thoughts for your Gift List?

  • Trelise Cooper has got sunnies that are on sale for $35 at the moment, so they’d be great. 
  • I also think Karen Walker jewellery. That would be a cute present to give someone. 
  • And as you can see, I’m a big fan of giving and receiving vouchers!

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