If a monster and a zeppelin fell in love…

If you’re thinking that a zeppelin can’t fall in love because it’s a flying machine then you probably think monsters aren’t real either… which means  you need a lesson in whimsical, mad creativity. Which means you need to head to Deadly Ponies.

The new season brings us Depths of Desire, a collection being called their most experimental one yet. Inspired by the “imagined love affair between a deep-sea monster and a zeppelin”, the shapes and colours reflect the brand’s love of the 1970s – but with that ever present, modern, Deadly spin. Bags, silk scarves and fine leather jackets come to us in colours like Marmalade and silhouettes that feature dramatic scalloping… and there are classics amongst the madness too.

As always, fine attention to detail and luxurious quality mean that these are treasures with an immediate energy as well as a healthy life expectancy. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, self-love never called so loud.


52 Tyler Street
Britomart, Auckland
+64 9 216 5427