New works on paper: Janet Lilo

Maori-Samoan-Niuean visual artist Janet Lilo created a new series of artworks for our Works On Paper project. She describes her work in her own words.

When you walk into a formal meeting with a notebook filled with kids drawings. And then you try to angle it in a way so nobody sees it or notices that you are also using a colour pencil to take notes because you couldn’t find a pen before leaving the house.

I approached her thinking we had met before, but it turned out she used to be a character on Shortland Street.

Happy Father’s Day to all the hard working single mothers <3

On my bike, I saw a handsome African man getting out of his car – dressed in gold from head to foot. In passing, I told him he looked awesome and he smiled. Outside Countdown, a girl had her head in a text message. I noticed she was wearing a black and blue and I interrupted her with a compliment – the look on her face told me that she was surprised I even knew what it was. She asked If I had been to Papua New Guinea before, but I told her I hadn’t, but maybe one day I would. Waiting for the green man signal at Ash St lights, I could see the most stunning woman opposite me in a hooded pink and white dress. Her shoes were sky blue and in her left hand, she held a bunch of poppy red flowers. When I crossed over she stopped me to say “Five and six?” using both hands to demonstrate the numbers. I answered “Five thirty, maybe?” and then she nodded. Riding away In my head, I made up a story that a handsome man in gold would come get her in a charcoal Cefiro and she would give him shit for being late. All of this to make up for the plain black t-shirt I just bought at the mall.

Sorry, we have to go back home. I think I left the hair straighteners on.

You were upset to find that the Milo powder had solidified and because it is winter, it seemed like a good idea to continue to hack lumps into a cup. After adding hot water to melt the lumps, furious stirring with a metal teaspoon plus dash of milk – it was still horrible.

My sister is quitting the nicotine patches to smoke cigarettes again. She said the doctor told her it’s one or the other – not both.

The number of parents I notice at parks playing with cell phones and not children.

I was driving home and witnessed a man crash his bicycle into a fence. I stopped quickly to help him out and discovered that he was completely drunk. I asked him where he was going and he said he didn’t know. He could hardly speak English but managed to ask if I could call Megan to get him. So Megan, If you’re out there, Valu is waiting on Wairau ave for you to pick him up. He has a mullet, blue jeans, two silver rings on his right hand, an earring in his right ear, grey parker and a pocket full of 8% Woodstock n colas. Thanks.

On the street today, a man who looked exactly like Neil Diamond asked if I knew where Casual Street was.

The problem with chocolate thins is that you end up eating twenty.

Keep calm and stop being racist.