We chat to Bobbi Brown makeup artist, Amiria on how to achieve a naturally flawless look with Bobbi’s latest.

If a retouched look without pushing pixels on a screen is what you’re after, then Bobbi Brown’s Retouching Face Pencil and Retouching Wand might just change your life.  As an aspiring makeup artist, Bobbi studied magazines to learn how to create editorial perfect skin in the every day. As a result, these crafty additons to your makeup bag naturally retouch skin, creating an even complexion with a natural finish.

Armed with these power pencils, we asked makeup artist Amiria, who recently won Bobbi Brown New Zealand’s Makeup Artist of the Year, for her tricks and tips.

Retouching Face Pencil

Amiria’s favourite of the range is the “Illuminate” shade, she likes to dot this in the inner corner of the eyes and above the cupids bow to accentuate her features. She also likes using the pencil as a highlight, drawing three small x’s on her cheekbones and blending this out with her fingers.

For a bit of sculpting, Amiria recommends using a pencil in a deeper tone as a bronzer. She likes to draw dashes on her temples and cheekbones, blending this out to create a natural shadow.

For blemishes,  Amiria reaches for a pencil that is two shades lighter than her skin tone to cancel out any redness. She then likes to apply her actual shade of concealer over the top for ultimate coverage.

Retouching Wand

This low maintenance wand is a perfect addition to your handbag, offering undetectable coverage on the go.

Amiria likes to swipe this on her t-zone after moisturising for a light and glowy look. For quick touch-ups, she likes to dab this under the eyes and on discolourations, blurring imperfections with a ‘skin that looks like skin’ finish.   

For no-filter-required, gorgeous looking skin, the Retouching Face Pencil ($60) and Retouching Wand ($76) are available now at Bobbi Brown Britomart.