From the ‘bread of the dead’ to pumpkin-shaped macarons – here’s a selection of treats that taste so good they’re scary.

Forget fruit jubes, jelly beans and all those other lollies that always seem to get left behind in the lolly jar. This Halloween things are getting fancy and these five treats are creepin’ it real.

Chocolate witch’s hat from Miann, $28

Keep an eye out for the chocolate witches hats filled with raspberry and white chocolate dragées (a very fancy way to say candy) at Miann, try one before they fly off the shelves on their broomsticks.

Choc fondant dessert dumplings from Xuxu Dumpling Bar, $9

The only type of pumpkin we’re carving (with our chopsticks of course) is this kind. With gooey chocolate fondant encased in sweet pumpkin pastry, Halloween just got a whole lot sweeter at Xuxu Dumpling Bar.

Pumpkin macarons from Miann, $3.50

Chef Brian Campbell (Britomart’s very own Willy Wonka) has been busy crafting these creations from his chocolate cauldron and his spiced hazelnut pumpkin-shaped macarons are perfect additions to your trick-or-treat bag.

‘Bread of the dead’ mini pan de muertos from Mexico, $12

These orange glazed morsels rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with ganache de xócolate are a traditional Day of the Dead specialty. Sample this dish (or all three) as you continue the freaky festivities with Mexico’s Day of the Dead set menu and margarita specials on 01 November. Find out more here.

Pumpkin, mascarpone and spice tart from Milse, $8

Trust the professionals in the treat yo’self mentality, Milse, to whip up this yummy dish. A classy take on a classic Halloween treat – the pumpkin, mascarpone and spice tart looks too good to eat… almost.

Get ready for some gourd times as these five treats are giving us pumpkin to talk this Halloween (OK, that was the last pun we promise).