Jellyology is actually a thing, and a cool thing at that. Take your taste buds to brave new places at the Seafarers Club this weekend.

Jessica Mentis is a gastronomical inventor. She’s taken a known dessert – jelly – and dissected it, then reassembled into something totally new. But there is more to Jessica than jelly: with a Masters degree in Architecture and a background in Broadway production and then graphic design, an introduction to the work of Bompas and Parr sparked her interest in experimental food design. Through the medium of jelly, she cleverly merges the principles of architecture and design with gastronomy as she experiments with tastes and flavours that will blow your taste buds away.

Mixing the most unusual but insanely perfect flavour pairings imaginable, she will lead you through an exceptional evening of culinary sensations (candyfloss and bacon anyone?) to inspire and ignite the child within, with an adult take on wobbly cocktails served to the tune of a DJ.

Enjoy this @seafarerssummer series event on Saturday 25 March and Sunday 26 March. Cost: $50 per head. Purchase tickets here.