Social Media’s top beauty influencer brings us a dream line up of product.

M.A.C Cosmetics – the queens of new collections, who NEVER rest (with 50 new releases a year)  – have announced another multiple-release and this time, there’s a clear Starr of the show.

Patrick Starr is a former M.A.C makeup artist turned YouTuber who has a penchant for celebrity makeovers (Kim K has made 2 guest appearances on his channel). Starr is a next-level talent who puts on a show like no other.

The beauty guru, known as social media’s top beauty influencer, has created a small but perfectly formed lineup of product for M.A.C that – despite the cray names (like She Betta Werrrk and Omigaud) is deeply wearable. The bricky red lip pencil and creamy, colourless finishing powder look like two winners that speak clearly to his his “one-size-fits-all” approach to make-up.

Patrick Starr for M.A.C is in store now, for a limited time, and sits alongside the beauty house’s much anticipated new Viva Glam X SIA and Mineral Detox collections. Be quick!


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