An acclaimed New Zealand artist known for her vibrant paintings, installations and public works, Sara Hughes’ most recent collection is now on display at Britomart’s Project Space.          

Inspired by her young family, Sara Hughes’ Sing a Rainbow is a deeply personal project that focuses on the development of visual systems in children and is, as she says: “Influenced by seeing the world through their eyes.”

Replacing Max Gimblett’s The Gold Thread in Britomart’s Project Space, the vibrant pieces will be on display from early February.


Based at home for the past three years raising her sons, Hughes has been fascinated to watch their visual world change and expand. Exploring this and how children detect patterns and respond to optical changes she says Sing a Rainbow “Draws upon aspects of infant vision and the development of colour sensitivity and depth perception in babies.”

The paintings are bright and sharp with jagged shapes splayed overtop of soft, hazy colours – an effect that Hughes was able to achieve by spraying paint onto the canvas instead of using brushes. Greens, pinks, oranges and blues, the colourful paintings are sure to catch the attention of any that pass by Britomart’s mini gallery.

A graduate of Auckland University’s Elam School of Fine Art, Sara Hughes’ work has been shown and recognised locally and internationally. She has won both the Wallace Art Award and Norsewear Art Award, was New Zealand’s first recipient of The Ripe: Art and Australia magazine Art Award and has produced a number of high-profile public commissions including work for the reopening of Christchurch’s Cathedral Square.

Furthering Hughes’ study of colour and perception, Sing a Rainbow is a vivid new project with thoroughly personal roots. On display from early February in Britomart’s Project Space on Customs Street East and thoroughly worth a visit, you can see more about the artist at