Run Hide Scream Fight with Huffer

The message of the season comes from Huffer.

Huffer’s new season “Certain Uncertainties” is posing some pretty deep questions and asking us to go where tomorrow’s choices are yesterday’s reality; an alternate you in an alternate universe, where you are one and not at all.

Ok Huffer, you might have had a few more over the holidays than us, but we’re into it. We’re into being given lots of choice, day and night wear, technical sportswear in the same range as a killer sundress. We’re into not being told what to wear and instead embracing that life is really full of Certain Uncertainties. This is another great, multi faceted collection: There’s a lot going on, there’s a distinct lack of rules and it’s all perfectly Huffer: if you’re into it too, you’ll make it work, your way.


14 Customs Street East, 13 Galway Street