The stunning space that is hair salon Ryder, alive with some of the strongest creative spirit you’ll find, is celebrating five years at Britomart. We took a peek at the archives.

Salon founder Greg Murrell this week shares a few favourites from the past five years and gives us some insight as to how and why they were created. Britomart would like to wish Ryder a very happy fifth birthday at Britomart – here’s to many more milestones! All images courtesy of Black Magazine.

We did a whole story exploring different ways of braiding hair. Sometimes we’ll take an idea and try to examine it over multiple models and looks. I love the patterns of the braids contrasting with the texture elsewhere, giving the look a real tribal feel. The eye makeup was just perfect too.
Model: Emily from RPD Models. Photographer: Charles Howells.

This image was from a series where we were a bit bored with regular curls or waves, and instead began working with the idea of creating bumps or indentations on the surface of the hair. This hints at classicism redefined in a more minimal way, where the hair has little volume but enough movement in the bumps to create interest. Model: Bernie from Unique. Photographer: Charles Howells.

When I was growing up my Mum used to listen to lots of female country music. Looking back at these artists as a hairdresser, I was fascinated by how extreme their hair was for the time. The volume and some of the set shapes were really interesting. So I did a whole shoot playing with these ideas of volume and interesting shapes, but I sought to remove some of the perfection from it to give it a more contemporary feel. Model: Kizzie from 62 Models. Photographer: Mara Sommer.

Sometimes it is fun to mix up eras a bit, to try and create something new. This model, Honor, had a really cool 70s shaggy haircut when she walked in and in this shoot I was playing with different ways of modernising classic curl and wave. So I tonged through the hair in a 60s fashion to create a hybrid 60s/70s look that actually really suited her. Model: Honor from The Others. Photographer: Mara Sommer.

There have been some exciting advances in hair colouring lately where we are literally painting colour on to the hair. We thought it would be fun to do a shoot where were doing just that but in a more whimsical and fun temporary manner where we were literally just using the surface of the hair as a canvas. Model: Meike from 62 Models. Photographer: Carolyn Haslett.