From Mt Roskill to Abu Dhabi, Fashion Stylist at MiNDFOOD Style, Sammy Salsa gives us an insight into his fashion journey and a teaser of what we can expect to see in the upcoming A/W16 issue.


Name: Sammy Salsa

Role: Fashion Stylist

Hometown: Mt Roskill, Auckland

What was it about MiNDFOOD Style that appealed to you?
The look, feel and reputation of the magazine is very international – it takes risks, the content is in depth and the fashion imagery is amazing. It’s everything a stylist would hope for in a magazine and I wanted to be a part of that. 

What are you most excited about in the A/W16 issue of MiNDFOOD Style? 
The beauty of MiNDFOOD Style, in particular this new issue, is it takes the readers on a journey of epic fashion, story telling and insightful stories. It’s more than just a fashion publication it’s a lifestyle bible that the readers trust and will cherish well after its shelf life. 

When did you first fall in love with the world of fashion? 
My parents were social butterflies back in the late 80s, early 90s and growing up I was surrounded by their unique take on the fashion trends back then. My Mother with her shoulder-padded blazers which came in all different colour blocks and then my Dad’s love of mesh crop tops and leather pants. It was so much to take in as a child but it was such a fashion feast for the eyes. 

How did you prepare for a career in styling?
I’ve always been into fashion in general so the love and passion that I have for my craft came naturally and has always been there. As far as preparing for the actual styling side, I literally just started doing my own photoshoots with friends who were photographers, models and make-up artists and slowly built my own personal portfolio. We worked hard (and for free) for over two years and eventually you start to see results and connect with key people in the industry. 

What has been your most memorable styling job?
It would have to be our recent shoot for the A/W16 MiNDFOOD Style issue that we shot in Abu Dhabi. It was truly magical having this beautiful landscape as the backdrop for an entire issue. Shooting alongside some of the local animals like giraffes, falcons and gazelles really added to the value of storytelling within this issue. 

What is your favourite trend right now?
There is this beautiful, romantic, dark floral trend which is coming through from the international and local designers that feature in our A/W issue. It’s powerful, engaging and still quite feminine and bad ass at the same time.    

What trend would you like to see the back of?
There isn’t one particular trend as they always come back full circle bigger and better than the last but if there was one particular piece of fashion I’d like to see the end of it would have to be Ugg boots! I don’t think they should go as far as anyone’s mailbox.  


Who would you like to style for an event?
Queen Bey! (Beyonce) 

1. Who would play you in a movie? Cuba Gooding Jr
2. Which celebrity needs a styling session with Sammy Salsa? Kesha, Miley Cyrus and Madonna – they’re crying out for help!
3. Top holiday destination? Coral Coast, Fiji
4. Top three essentials for a winter wardrobe; For men and women – A great winter coat that will carry you through winter each year, a great pair of denim pants that can take you from day to night and a reliable pair of winter boots to support you through to the next season.
5. Most treasured item you own? My white Converse chucks that I’ve had for five years now (and are no longer white!)

Get an exclusive peak at MiNDFOOD Style’s showcase of fashion images from the A/W16 issue (available Monday 21 March) at an outdoor gallery starting at Britomart next week. Read more about MiNDFOOD Style here.