From smiling and getting social to hydration and staying humble – two local experts share five key health and fitness tips.

Nats Levi
Les Mills Britomart

Always do something you love.
As well as getting the endorphin rush (feel good factor) from working out, you will get added joy from truly doing something you love to do. Move the way your body loves to, be it weight training, a group fitness class, going for a run or stretching.

Meet up with friends and train or make new training friends.
It is human to do things in groups or socially; try swimming squads, running groups or a gym class…there is a reason they are so popular!

Plan a rest day as much as a workout day.
When you get those initial gains and that feel good factor, it can all be very addictive; make sure you plan a rest and recovery day to avoid overtraining and refresh the body.  This will help you continue your fitness journey, keep all your fitness gains and avoid an injury.

Drink plenty of water.
This will not only rehydrate your body after all the extra sweating but will also help your body to perform better athletically.

Celebrate the small achievements.
Went to all of your sessions in the first week of training? Awesome- celebrate that. Lifted 5kg more in a Bench Press? Awesome- celebrate that.  Don’t wait for the big end goal which can sometimes feel an eternity away. Celebrate all the pivotal small steps along the way. Celebrate in positive ways over the small things and make habits to consciously support the new goals you have in your life.

Jack Becroft
Nike+ Run Club Pacer

Consistency with variation.
For me, routine is essential; structure will allow you to make the best use of your time. What you do within that routine is what you should try change up where you can. Whether it is a different workout or trying different foods, as long as your purpose stays the same, creating variety will keep your mind and body constantly engaged.

How many times does this need to be said? Hydration is key to allow the body to recover between trainings and to allow nutrients to flow throughout your muscles. There are so many benefits to staying hydrated. I am a huge fan of SOS Rehydrate, which is an electrolyte rehydration drink. My favourite post-run recovery drink by far!

Why so serious?
Smile. Find enjoyment. Yeah, you may have to pull that scowl to push that dumbbell a bit harder or get through that extra 400m rep, but finding satisfaction within everything you do will make it more worthwhile and help you stick to your goal.

You, and no-one else.
It’s human nature to compare yourself to everyone around you. However, everyone’s bodies are different. The food, exercise and external stimuli you subject yourself to will affect everyone differently. This is where you need to listen to your own mind and body, and choose what makes you the best athlete possible.

That said…you don’t have to go it alone!
What got me into the Nike Run Club in the first place was the opportunity to take away the sometimes mundane aspects of a solo run and join other like-minded people who come from all walks of life and all levels of running backgrounds. Sometimes, that extra bit of support, and a little bit of healthy competition is all you need to push you further, whilst also meeting some awesome people on the way!