Designer and storeowner Eddie von Dadelszen has created a brand devoted to the pleasure of wearing exceptional clothing. Materials are sourced from the best makers in the world – Dadelszen travels to Verona for shoes, and Palma for suits, to the finest mohair mills in the UK and to Seraphin in France, the leather jacket makers who makes for Hermes. These are the ingredients for a growing range of menswear (and soon, womenswear) that von Dadelszen believes epitomizes luxury.

Having come from the role of Creative Director for suitmakers Working Style, this is a man on a mission who has a very particular vision of success. Whether it’s a single piece or a whole wardrobe, everything produced by von Dadelszen is customisable and will be hand made following a consultation at the appointment only, upstairs showroom.

“I make collections for people who I find incredibly attractive: the modern, the brave, the smart” von Dadelszen says. “I’m inspired by the dualities that exist in life and my clothing lives to dress these circumstances, fantasies and relationships.”

If you’re after an experience you’ll never forget, and clothing impossible to upgrade, you may need to get in touch.


Buckland Building
Level 1, Customs Street East
(Access is from Gore Street)
+ 64 (09) 216 8760

Opening Hours

By appointment only



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