We meet Britomart local Beau, Tiffany & Co.’s director of NZ Retail, and hear about the boutique’s special event this week.

Name: Beau Nelson.

What do you do? Director – NZ Retail for Tiffany & Co.

What song do you know all the lyrics to? None! I can sing the same song twice and still forget the words I got right the first time round!

If you could give your 13-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be? Don’t sweat the small stuff but also remember that sometimes the small things can turn out to be big things.

How do you procrastinate? I eat!

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? A fresh lobster salad.

Which Spice Girl are you? My friends would say Posh Spice but I’d rather not be a Spice Girl.

Favourite Britomart spot? I love Britomart as a retail destination; it is a one stop shop of my favourite brands. If I had to be more precise, I am eating my way through the Amano menu, and of course I work in a stunning retail environment in the Tiffany & Co. boutique.

In 10 years you’ll find me… Well-travelled and reflecting on how much things have changed. My young children will be in their teens by then so I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat a lot! Career-wise, I work for an amazing company now so I hope to be fortunate enough to be working in a different market for them.

Tiffany & Co. launch HardWear with a projection of their Lady Gaga campaign

The perfectly imperfect and “fiercely feminine” Lady Gaga is the face of Tiffany & Co.’s newest collection, HardWear, and this week she’ll be literally larger than life at Britomart.

From 5.30pm tonight, as 100 guests arrive at the flagship store to see the incredible new collection, a huge projection of the campaign will appear on the side of the Australis Nathan Buildings. The campaign will play till late, both Thursday and Friday nights.

HardWear has been designed to harness the “spontaneity and creative spirit of New York.” With pieces that somehow mix elements of punk, polish and utilitarian edge, it’s a game-changing range from the iconic jeweller and has been a global hit already.

The campaign features Lady Gaga speaking—unscripted—about her lifelong passion for the brand, and more importantly, about her own creative journey towards self-expression and empowerment.


Thursday 22 June – Friday 23 June
5.30pm – 11pm
Tiffany & Co.
33 Galway St