The Most Deliciously Instagrammable Food and Drinks at Britomart

A lot of photos roll past us on #Britomart, but we’ve spotted six meals and drinks that people apparently absolutely must stop and shoot before they dig in.

1. A gelato stick at Milse

All of the delicious flavours of gelato stick get a fair bit of love on the ‘gram (their transportability means it’s easy to find the perfect backdrop) but the one that pops up over and over again is the Bombe Alaska gelato stick. With a cold, creamy centre, a layer of white chocolate under fluffy meringue and a crisped-up blowtorched crust, it’s a photogenic symphony of flavours.

Photo by @travelfeels_akl

2. Coffee at Ortolana

The coffee at Ortolana in the Pavilions is reliably fantastic (you’ll often catch us there, lingering over a morning meeting) but we suspect what really pushes them forward when it comes to capturing the Instagram crowd is the lush floral plantings in the airy outdoor courtyard filled with flattering natural light, or the patterns of the overhead fairy lights

Photo by @caileanp

3. Xuxu Dumpling Bar steamed buns

Baskets of steamed buns are a staple of food-related hashtags on Instagram, but the ones that get the most attention at Xuxu have a twist. Instead of breaking open to reveal a spicy pork filling, these cocoa-dusted bao ooze out a rich molten chocolate centre when sliced in half.

Photo by @aucklandholic

4. Caretaker cocktails

Although the lighting levels make shooting here as challenging as that Game of Thrones night battle, a little judicious application of your Lightroom editing skills will make the colour of a Caretaker classic Negroni pop against a moody background of the bar’s cave-like wood, brick and marble interior.

Photo by @northmeetsfood

5. Cabinet tarts at Miann

Once you’ve done the hard work of choosing which treat to try from the glistening, technicolour rows in the cabinets at Miann, it’s simplicity itself to shoot a gorgeous photo of it, as these beauties have no bad angles. The only other tricky part is stopping yourself from taste-testing it before you’ve nailed the shot.

Photo by @flavorgasmic

6. A meal at The Store

That same beautiful natural light that suffuses photos at Ortolana is also in play at The Store’s courtyard eatery, along with vibrantly coloured meals popping against natural stoneware plates and wooden or dark metal tabletops. Add a fresh-squeezed juice or a sparkling water and the corner of a magazine and the weekend brunch shot is sorted.

Photo by @maddalena_revis