Every weekend at La Cigale Market at Britomart you’ll find Owen Wilson (AKA The Nut Guy) who is pretty nutty about nuts.

Name: ‘The Nut Guy’ – Wilson Owen

What specialty do you bring to the market? We supply buyers with freshly cracked New Zealand-grown walnuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts – all stored I refrigeration when cracked to maintain freshness. We also have freshly roasted nuts, both hazelnuts and macadamias, as well as mixed roasted nuts.

What makes it special/different? Freshness is what separates us from all others. Supermarkets sell imported walnuts and hazelnuts that have never seen refrigeration and have lost their freshness. The specialty gourmet food shops stock New Zealand grown product but don’t refrigerate them, so you don’t know how long they have been on the shelves or how they taste. As a result we have developed a strong loyal customer base because of our consistently fresh products.

How did you come to be passionate about your product? Sampling fresh product from different NZ growers quickly taught us that freshness was the key.

What’s your favourite way to use the product or your favourite recipe? Walnuts on breakfast cereal.

What’s your favourite stall other than your own? Kevin, the tomato man – great mixed variety small tomatoes with an acid bite that makes salads fabulous.

Do you have any other specialties (eg. party tricks or hidden talents)?Famous (or is it infamous?) for non stop chatter!

Where can people find out more about you? (website, social media, email etc.) Come and talk to me!