Pop in to MADE, Zambesi, Kate Sylvester and Karen Walker and you’ll find some stunning art by talented self-taught artists.

According to curator Stuart Shepherd, the New Zealand Outsider Art Fair aims to create a “platform from which to not only celebrate and popularize art work that originates outside the usual venues, but review new ideas around the field of self-taught art in New Zealand.” Building on the success of 2015, the 2016 fair makes art accessible to all, from those that frequent art galleries to those that have never stepped into a gallery in their lives.

The Fair runs until 26 November.  The exhibitions, events and discussions raise awareness, break down barriers, and provide an engaging opportunity for community connection and celebration of the creative diversity within our community; there will be activations and installations across Auckland.

A selection of Britomart boutiques are now displaying the works of four talented and completely self-taught artists, here’s where you can find them:

For more information and to check out what’s happening visit the New Zealand Oustider Art Fair website.


Tracey Tawhaio’s work explores Maori iconography. The work at Karen Walker depicts fish which are a symbol of everything expansive in life and this painting is an expression of this.


Daniel Phillips responds to the iconic work of past masters. His bold pastel treatment of his works, livens up these familiar images by injecting an element of pop and fun.


Kamini Nair creates lush and passionate interpretations of floral arrangements. The color harmonies are gorgeous and her paint applications are just as beautiful to look at.


Martin Thompson’s process consists of meticulously applying color in sequenced rows of tiny squares. The layers combine to form designs resembling intricate quilts, radiating mandalas, or patterns of pixilated TV static.