With a touch of honey, lavender and almond, L’Occitane’s intoxicating new fragrance is a head-turner and can be yours soon.

Imagine a scent that encapsulates your golden hour – the time that you feel the most beautiful, confident and truly yourself. L’Occitane’s new fragrance, Terre de Lumiere aims to do just that.

Created by not one but three master perfumers, the new scent is quintessentially reminiscent of the French region of Provence. This region is particularly significant for L’Occitane as the brand originated here in the 1970s.

This fragrance is a dreamy mix, containing notes of bergamot, lavender, honey, tonka bean and bitter almond essence. One spritz of this and you are transported to a place filled with sun-drenched lavender fields, where the air is filled with sweetness.

Terre de Lumiere will be available at L’Occitane Britomart on Monday 24 April. Available in a 50ml ($125), 90ml ($165), body milk ($49), shower gel ($38) and radiant balm ($18).

See some images from Terre de Lumiere’s dreamy launch at Quay Project Space earlier this week below.