Britomart proudly supports The Village Project – the brainchild of a Waiheke mum, and after five years, the project is almost complete.

The Village Project has introduced a way to provide clean drinking water for orphaned children in Uganda while providing an income stream to the village involved. Britomart is proud to have supported this initiative since it began in 2012. Over $2,000 was raised through the sale of roses on Valentines Day, gold coin donations are collected every Christmas through Britomart tenants and WORLD also designed drink bottles to raise funds.

Emily Parson’s life was changed forever when she visited Uganda in 2008. Since then she’s been quietly running a project that is changing the lives of others.

Back then, Emily was part of a team building a house for orphaned children; once back at home on Waiheke Island; she created The Village Project.

The Village Project pioneered their first Rain Harvesting Project in 2011, after seeing that the houses they were physically building in Uganda didn’t have any water catchment amenities. Emily’s dad, Brett McDonald from Stoneyridge Construction has been manufacturing tanks for over 30 years and quickly took up the challenge. A Ugandan team have been trained and equipped and have built 16 concrete water tanks.

The Village Project, in collaboration with engineers from Beca Engineering and the Watoto child care ministry, undertook an assessment of rainfall, roof and gutter capacity, concrete tanks and existing boreholes in Laminadera village, in Gulu. They worked out how to get the entire village, which is home to more than 900 orphans and former child soldiers, self-sufficient in clean water. Volunteers kicked off the project in 2013, and since then the Ugandan teams have worked independently to progress the rest.

Emily and her family will go back to Uganda in June to oversee the final stages of the project, celebrate with the local team and help empower them to continue the work long after they return home.

Britomart would like to congratulate Emily and her family on their incredible mission.


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