Elegant in its industrial simplicity, the new collection pays tribute to the strength and spirit of the modern woman, showcased by none other than Lady Gaga.

Looking backwards to look ahead, the latest release by Tiffany & Co. brings a modern edge to a collection inspired by a single unisex bracelet from 1971, with the collection expanded to include earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants. Handcrafted and engineered to perfection, this is the accessory for the woman who loves her look to be casually bold; feminine, but fierce. Known for her wild ways, Lady Gaga heads up the HardWear campaign, bringing a new edge to a feminine brand.

Founded in New York City nearly two centuries ago, Tiffany’s has deep roots in the city and its industrial soul shines through each piece in this collection. Simultaneously sophisticated and utilitarian, HardWear provides key, clean pieces to build a powerfully beautiful look.

Maybe most striking are the collection’s show-stopping triple drop earrings: double-sided posts mean the striking earrings look just as amazing from behind as they do from the front. Arriving in store Monday 1 May the pieces from the HardWear collection are set to become instant icons.