The retail assistant at Kathryn Wilson Footwear has her eye on some pieces in-store, but is happy for to be treated to something from a certain luxury French beauty brand too.

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

I’m working through Christmas this year, which isn’t so bad because last year I was in Fiji for Christmas and New Years so it’s nice to be home during the holidays. 

What do you do to celebrate it?

Usually it’s just about family time and enjoying the sun, barbecues and stuff. I have a big family and everyone comes to our house and eats heaps of food, and open presents and swim in our pool, and we’re next to a park.

How do you treat yourself and what do you do for others at Christmas?

It’s more important for the kids in our family, the presents, but for the adults, we do a Secret Santa so everyone gets something.

What three things would you like for Christmas?

  • I need some new sports shoes. Maybe from Nike. Gym clothes would be nice too. 
  • I also love make-up. Maybe from Sephora, or MAC. Or if anyone wants to get me some Chanel, I’m open to it. 
  • I’d also love to go overseas, or even just out of Auckland, for a long weekend. I want to go to Queenstown – I haven’t been and it looks so pretty. That’s on my list of things to do next year.

Do you have any gift ideas?

  • I love nice-smelling things like candles. We just got these candles by The Becca Project. These two lovely ladies made them; they’re best friends who got together to do this, and they’re all natural ingredients. 
  • And these Real World creams and bath salts. 
  • And I quite like that cute little heart bag, but maybe for myself! But I feel like my mum would like one. I’m big on gift cards. Because I like to be able to choose, especially if it’s for clothes, because a lot of people don’t know my style that well.

Sounds like you’ve been stung before.

I had a friend who bought me a dress that I absolutely hated and wasn’t my style at all, but I wore it to make them happy. It wasn’t me at all. So gift cards are good. Then everyone is happy. 

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