Meet Beau from WORLD – originally from San Francisco, he’s a man about town who once served Beyoncé’s crew.

What’s your favourite question or comment to hear from a customer? “I’m so glad you made me try this on, I love it!”

Finish this sentence: The best thing about Britomart is… everything is within reach!

What’s a good road trip song? Anything Adele!

What’s your favourite thing in store right now? I’m spoiled for choice with all the beautiful things at WORLD at the moment, although if I narrow it down to three they would have to be: the Fornasetti Profumi candles, Creed Tabarome for Him, and Penhaligon’s Lady Blanche! It’s smelling good in here!

What’s the best part of your job? That I’m able to utilise all of the skills I have accumulated over the years to provide optimal service experiences and to create and develop meaningful relationships with customers.

Can you share a famous person you’ve served and tell us what they bought? I served some of Queen B’s dancers so I basically served Beyoncé herself!

What/ where was your first job? Picture this: I was 15 in my hometown of San Francisco, it was a time of proms and homecomings. Due to my popularity my father wouldn’t pay for all of them and advised me to go out and get a job. Two weeks at McDonald’s was enough to buy my first tux and a corsage or three!

Can you describe your life outside of work in three words? Wine, wine and (more) wine!