We meet Carol from Trelise Cooper, who’s yearning for the arrival of summer and all the gorgeous garments that come along with it.

The best thing about Britomart is…
The best thing about Britomart is watching the area transform into the vibrant place it has become, offering a variety of shops, restaurants, and areas for everyone to relax and enjoy, and the promise of more exciting things to come.

What’s a good road trip song?
A good road trip song is Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’…And you’re gonna hear me Roar!

What’s your favourite thing in store right now?
My favourite thing in store right now are the beautiful, colourful ‘Gather Together’ skirts, signalling that summer is on its way. Being long and full, they have a hint of Spain and flamenco dancing about them.

What’s the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is having the opportunity to work for Trelise Cooper, one of New Zealand’s foremost fashion designers. Every working day brings the challenge to provide each customer with a personal styling session and doing all the little things to ensure that they leave us totally thrilled with their Trelise Cooper experience, as well as being happy and confident with their purchases. Job satisfaction plus!

Can you share a famous person you’ve served and tell us what they bought?
Australian recording artist Natalie Bassingthwaite was flown in as a replacement judge for X-Factor NZ. She came into our store to find some pieces to wear on the show and one was a fabulous gold beaded jacket that she wore for her first appearance that night. She was such a warm, engaging person.

What/where was your first job?
Leaving school at 16, my first job was as a stenographer with TEAL (now Air New Zealand). It was such an amazing experience being involved with this airline at a time when part of their fleet included flying boats going along the Coral Route to Tahiti. Later I was transferred to the Sydney office, where I worked in their Booking Office and wore the uniform designed by Christian Dior, so it was only natural that I later on became involved in the fashion industry. I was doubly pleased when Trelise Cooper became the designer of Air New Zealand’s uniforms. I was with Air New Zealand for 10 years and I still have my 10-year service pin that I wear sometimes, pinned on my super duper Trelise jackets.

Can you describe your life outside of work in three words?
Happy, challenging and fun.