He’s got machine-gun-speed knife skills and an unusual favourite dish – we meet Chris Mankin, Head Chef at The Store.

Chris Mankin, Head Chef at The Store

Tell us a food/dish you’d be happy to eat every day?
It’s a bit left field but Saikyo Yaki. It’s Japanese black cod marinated in sweet miso and grilled until a little charred and caramelised. I’ll never forget the first time I ate it. It blew my mind!

Knife hand: left or right?

What’s the best part of your job?
That moment in the middle of the lunch rush when the takeaway is bustling, the diner  is packed, the staff are pumped and there is all this food that we are so proud to be serving.

Where did you train?
I’ve worked in restaurants in several countries but I have never learned as much as during my time at Hipgroup. Group Executive Chef Jo Pearson’s food philosophy and approach to cooking are truly inspirational.

What’s a good road trip song?
Cruising down open country roads with Rainbow by Jack Johnson

What was the first thing you can remember mastering in the kitchen
Machine-gun-speed knife skills. One of my first jobs was in a huge hotel and, as a commis chef, it was my job to pump out all the vegetable chopping in the morning. I learnt pretty quickly how not to cut myself, but not quickly enough!

If it were your last weekend on earth, what city would you eat in?
Kyoto for sure, the food there is next level.

Did you eat your veges as a kid?
No!!! My mum had to cook separate dishes for me! Now I eat everything!

Can you share a funny photo that’s on your phone?
Here’s me in a kimono with my wife and son, fitting in to Japanese culture like you would never even notice haha!