Meet Franky from Kate Sylvester, who loves Miann’s pistachio macarons and loves finding her customers something that they feel beautiful in.

What’s your favourite question or comment to hear from a customer?
“I feel great in this.”

Finish this sentence: The best thing about Britomart is…
The pistachio macarons at Miann!

What’s a good road trip song?
I always love “Naïve” by The Kooks.

What’s your favourite thing in store right now?
Our black Consuela Dress or the Manuela Strapless Mini Dress.

What’s the best part of your job?
Finding someone a piece that they feel beautiful in.

Can you share a famous person you’ve served and tell us what they bought?
Gin Wigmore… she bought a super cute Sylvester tee.

What/ where was your first job?
I was making blueberry ice-creams at a local Farmers Market in Hawkes Bay.

Can you describe your life outside of work in three words?
Rehearsals, meetings, Mrs Higgins cookies