Integral to Britomart are the faces that make the place the special waterfront community that Britomart is. From the baristas to gardeners, chefs to shop assistants, personal trainers to hairstylists – see how many familiar faces you can find in our Words With Friends series.


The weirdest coffee-related request he’s had was for a ‘Black Grasshopper’ – we meet Joelson, Miann Britomart’s barista.


We meet Carol from Trelise Cooper, who’s yearning for the arrival of summer and all the gorgeous garments that come along with it.


Is he right or left knife-handed? We ask Josh Emett, Michelin star chef at Ostro, a few questions about all things food.


Meet Franky from Kate Sylvester, who loves Miann’s pistachio macarons and loves finding her customers something that they feel beautiful in.


If it was his last weekend on earth, what city would he eat in? We pitch Andrew Hanson, Head Chef at Amano, a few foodie questions.


Meet Tenisha, a hair stylist at Ryder. She’s an aspiring #GirlBoss and is very particular about her preference in pizza.


If it was his last weekend on earth, what city would he eat in? We pitch Nathan Houpapa, Executive Chef at Cafe Hanoi, a few questions.


We meet Britomart local Beau, Tiffany & Co.’s director of NZ Retail, and hear about the boutique’s special event this week.


We chat to Match Realty’s Marketing Executive, DJ. She discloses some wisdom and where her favourite Britomart hang out is.


A mighty High Tea

Fundraising done in style with Amano and Milse for Child Matters.   Tickets are selling fast to next week’s . . .

A Zingy Salad Recipe

Jazz up your lunch box with the caramelised pork belly salad with smoked tomato sambal from Britomart Country Club. Caramelised . . .

Santa Wants a Word

Two more sleeps! We’ve got lots of family-friendly things happening at Britomart Day Out this Saturday. From 10am till . . .

Project Space: Hye Rim Lee

A new media artist working across 3D animation, digital, sculptural and performance platforms, Hye Rim Lee’s work is now . . .