Make your workout count for more than just a calorie burn: join Les Mills to bring clean water to children in East Africa through Workout for Water.

Water probably isn’t something you spend too much time thinking about. It’s always ready on tap, and here in New Zealand, it’s some of the purest in the world. But for 2.1 billion people, clean water is no more than a pipe dream, so on Saturday 18 November Les Mills around the world is partnering with UNICEF to do something about it.

Workout for Water is a one-day global exercise extravaganza that will raise funds to build wells in East Africa. The schedules are packed with classes, so if you love a good BODYPUMP®, Workout for Water is your chance to jump in and make your workout count for something (beyond the burn). Building a well in water-poor African countries only costs about $600NZD, and just one can provide clean, safe drinking water to an entire community.

A challenge has been set: Les Mills want to raise enough to build one African well from every single class on November 18th. The entire Les Mills community is invited to get involved, adding weight to the impact and building as many wells as possible. On top of the funds raised by members and instructors, Les Mills has committed to donate an additional $1 for every person who attends a class on 18th November, hoping to build at least 12 new wells. If you’re keen to throw in a bit more, stations will be set up on the day for EFTPOS giving.

Workout for Water is a day you won’t want to miss: this is your moment to remember that clean water is a gift and pay it forward to people who need it. More info is available at all Les Mills clubs.


Workout for Water
Les Mills Gyms
Saturday 18 November
Complimentary entry to Les Mills on the day for anyone who wishes to participate.