From an underground dining room to a hole-in-the-wall art gallery, we disclose the locations of Britomart’s hidden treasure troves.

1885 Britomart basement

Hidden from the public eye beneath the hustle and bustle of Britomart above is one of Auckland’s most exclusive nightlife spots. Enter the 1885 Britomart basement via a dimly lit staircase and unwind in a leather armchair as you enjoy a drink from the extensive wine and cocktail list.

Brew on Quay’s rooftop

Combine a rooftop garden with a stellar selection of beer on tap and you get the ultimate hangout spot. Round up your friends and head to Brew on Quay for a cold brew under the afternoon sun.

Seafarers Members’ Club

What was once a land-based haven for sailors before they hit the high seas is now a trendy members’ club. Hosting a variety of talks, dinners and intimate performances, the Seafarers Members’ Club is a place where like-minded people who value creativity can come together and collaborate.

The Parlour at Cafe Hanoi

Unusual yet elegant – The Parlour at Cafe Hanoi is the perfect place to host a special dinner party. Featuring glossy dark wood, exposed brick walls and ornate finishes, the underground dining room is reminiscent of Southeast Asia’s colonial era which instantly transports us to a more exotic time and place.

Britomart Project Space  

Tucked quietly between Shaky Isles and the entrance of Stanbeth House sits an art gallery with an exterior that could be called modest, considering the acclaimed reputations of the artists it exhibits. Why not stop by Britomart Project Space, look in and get a shot of culture with your morning coffee?

Perched amongst the stars, laying below the buzz of the city above or hidden within the hollows of Britomart’s heritage buildings, these spaces are begging to be explored – the only question is, where to first?