For Arbour Day 2022, we’re Greening the City by giving away thousands of native trees in Takutai Square. For times of our 2023 Greening the City giveaway, click here

Planting trees is one of the many ways we can each take action to mitigate climate change. It’s an easy and incredibly satisfying way to help make a difference.

The trees we’re giving away at Britomart from Wednesday 27 April to Friday 29 April have been raised from seeds in the nursery at The Landing, the 1,000-acre Bay of Islands heritage estate that’s under the stewardship of the same team behind the patient regeneration of Britomart.

They’re being given away in exchange for gold-coin donations to the Native Forest Restoration Trust. Anyone can come and collect one or two trees and make a donation with a gold coin or via the Westpac tap-and-go terminals.

Here is a breakdown of the events:

  • Greening the City

Come to Takutai Square and collect one or two native trees to take home and plant.

Wednesday 27 April and Thursday 28 April, 11am-5pm

Friday 29 April, 11am-3pm

  • Lunchtime Planting Workshops

Free half-hour workshops covering the basics of planting and successfully raising native trees hosted by Caleb Scott, nursery manager at The Landing.

Wednesday 27 April-Friday 29 April 12.30pm-1pm

Numbers are limited so please place your registration here.

  • Children’s Planting Workshops

Special school-holiday planting workshops for children, hosted by Caleb Scott, nursery manager at The Landing. Everyone who attends gets to take home a tree to plant themselves. 

Wednesday 27 April-Friday 29 April 11am-11.30am

Numbers are limited so register here.

  • Why Trees Matter webinar with AUT's David Hall

A free online conversation hosted by Britomart featuring AUT’s David Hall, one of the designers of the Trees That Count programme and an expert on how planting trees can mitigate climate change. What should we be planting, and where? Are native trees better than exotic species? And how can our planting habits create a better planet? Britomart's Jeremy Hansen will be asking David all these questions and more in this 45-minute session.

Register for the talk here.

We can't wait to see you down here!