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25 • 11 • 21News

Black Friday

Friday 26 November (and the days around) is a great time to get ahead on Christmas or summer shopping, with discounts, deals and gifts with purchase at Britomart.

09 • 11 • 21StyleNews

Britomart stores are back!

It's been a loooong wait so we're thrilled that Britomart's fashion, sportswear, footwear and homeware retailers are reopening doors from Wednesday 10 November onwards.

Pukekohoe Hill, New Zealand.

Photographed on the DJI Inspire 2

Cabbage Harvesting, Wai Shing Ltd

14 • 10 • 21Arts & CultureNews

NZ Geographic Photographer of the Year

The work of NZ's best photographers is on display in the Atrium on Takutai. 

12 • 10 • 21SustainabilityThe Good CitizenThe Interview

Levi Brinsdon-Hall is feeding the city

On a disused building site among apartment buildings and busy roads just off Auckland’s Symonds Street, OMG (Organic Market Garden, established by For the Love of Bees) is producing more vegetables than was thought possible with their regenerative organic growing methods, and feeding 45 families weekly in the process. Ahead of their talk on October 27 as part of the first Auckland Climate Festival, OMG head farmer Levi Brinsdon-Hall tells Jeremy Hansen about what industrialised food production gets wrong, and how the OMG model could spread across the city. 

03 • 10 • 21Arts & CulturePeopleThe Interview

Henrietta Harris

Henrietta Harris loved drawing as a kid, and went on to make a career as a painter. Now her delicate portraits sell in New Zealand and the United States, and are blown up big on Britomart’s Te Ara Tahuhu in an exhibition entitled ‘By Its Own Light’. Here, she talks to Jeremy Hansen about the intimacy of portraiture, her recent battle with nerve damage, and how she fights her own perfectionism.

The Hotel Britomart

The Hotel Britomart

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Car Parking

Britomart’s Car Park at 88 Quay Street, and provides easy access to everything the precinct offers.

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