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28 • 09 • 22FoodNews

Maggie Gray wants to feed you (and all your friends)

Maggie Gray, one of the two co-founders of the Food Truck Collective, has always loved events. Maggie and her business partner Tim van der Werff set up the collective around six years ago. At the time she was operating her own smoothie truck, and having worked in events previously, could see the potential for getting people together over good, inexpensive food.

25 • 08 • 22News

Enjoying Britomart after dark

There's always something going on in the central city, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Britomart keeps bustling long after dark and starts to stir well before dawn. There are waiters and bartenders taking care of customers until the wee hours; cleaners making things nice before thousands of workers stroll in; security guards saying hi and keeping people safe. Here, we talk to a few of the people from Britomart who are absolutely not living nine-to-five lives. 

08 • 08 • 22Food

Iconic eats at Britomart

Dishes become iconic because they're so innovative they change the way we think about food, because they're so immaculately executed that they become best-in-class or because they're a popular fave that always hits the spot.

01 • 08 • 22Business at BritomartNews

Bringing your whole self to work is “bullshit”, says Sandy Burgham. She’s got other ideas about how things need to change at work.

Everybody is asking questions about the future of the office and the future of work. Leadership coach Sandy Burgham says we need to look deeper for answers. 

01 • 08 • 22Business at BritomartNews

EY’s Kate Hillman says the future of the office is collaborative – and that flexibility is here to stay.

The global consulting firm's leader of People and Culture for Oceania says having leaders in the office is key to the rest of the team turning up. 

The Hotel Britomart

The Hotel Britomart

Art at Britomart

Art at Britomart

Maunga by Shane Cotton

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Car Parking

Britomart’s Car Park at 88 Quay Street, and provides easy access to everything the precinct offers.

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