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Britomart is a place where past and future collide, where renovated dockside warehouses jostle up to sleek new architecture, where gritty brick laneways full of lively bars give way to plant-filled streets and a sunny square lined with world-leading restaurants and chic boutiques. Britomart – home to the headquarters of Westpac, EY, innovative co-working space Generator and a host of other market-leading businesses, and located right above the city’s busiest public transport hub – is the crossroads where Auckland sees the best of itself: clever, creative, rich in history and full of promise.


Britomart is serious about sustainability. The precinct is located above the city’s busiest train station, and Britomart is the first property management company in New Zealand to commit to the Green Star Performance tool, a rigorous, innovative system for measuring and managing buildings and continuously improving their performance. Social sustainability is also one of our key goals, supported by an arts, culture and urban design programme with a strong focus on inclusion, diversity and making the widest possible range of people feel welcome in and stimulated by our downtown waterfront neighbourhood. You can read more stories on our sustainability efforts at


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Britomart is founded on a collaboration between the Britomart Group and Auckland Council. Cooper and Company is the asset and development manager for the Britomart Group, which holds a contract for the long-term ownership and development of the Britomart Precinct.

Cooper and Company is a private investment company with offices in Auckland, California and Texas. It was founded in 1989 by Peter Cooper, a New Zealander who divides his time between New Zealand and the US.

Cooper and Company invests in, manages and develops assets on a long-term basis in two main areas: real estate in both New Zealand and the United States, and private equity, with a focus on financial services and energy solutions.

In 2002 the Britomart development contract was put up for tender by Auckland City Council. One of the bidders was the Bluewater Consortium, led by Cooper and Company, then known as Bluewater Management Company. After a lengthy and highly competitive international bid process, the Britomart contract was awarded to the Bluewater Consortium in 2004. In 2006 Bluewater Management Company bought out its partners in the Consortium and in April 2008 changed its name to Cooper and Company.

Day to day property, facilities and precinct management of Britomart and the Britomart Car Park is provided by Britomart Group Management Company, with Cooper and Company having responsibility for strategic asset management, including property development.

Besides Britomart, Cooper and Company’s real estate activities include Bay of Islands heritage and conservation property The Landing (and luxury private accommodation at The Landing Residences) and master-planned Texas town centre Southlake Town Square.


Come and join us at Britomart, the best place in Auckland to do business.

Britomart’s nine blocks make up a dynamic and diverse business community populated by some of the country’s most innovative enterprises, where meetings are as likely to take place in one of the neighbourhood’s many cafes as they are in a boardroom. Tenancies range from boutique character spaces in heritage buildings and bustling retail boutiques to contemporary premises in Green Star-rated offices.

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