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Born in the hills and praised on the street, iconic New Zealand clothing label Huffer is a must-visit Britomart stop-off for those who love casual style.

World famous in NZ brand, Huffer has been on a journey to create one powerful roof to bring together and cultivate communities that share similar values in the heart of Auckland city. The end result, Huffer's brand-new retail concept aptly named the Huffer House in the new Hotel Britomart Building.

This will be a place that holds space for community, brand, and product. The Huffer House Britomart will cater to every aspect of a house, everyone’s invited to use the Huffer House as place to hang out with an open door policy. 

The concept of the House was to replicate one’s own house with it all coming together in the kitchen and at the centre of the kitchen you will find the Yellow Desk.

The Yellow Desk which stands humbly as a platform with a ‘lean on me’ stance and a strength to support. From your favourite flat white to a musical showcase, a podcast to a purchase, the Yellow desk’s role is meaningfully aligning to Huffer’s support of mental health wellbeing awareness with yellow being the colour associated with mental health wellbeing and will be the first opportunity for Huffer to bring their platform People Presence to life 365 days a year.

The People Presence concept, which is a major driver of the Huffer House, was developed 4 years ago to raise the awareness of Mental Health Wellbeing -  ‘it’s our code to talk about the stuff that’s stuff and having a Home now for community is a great extension of our programme’ says Steve Dunstan Founder.

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