Glowing with bright colours and delicate fruit and floral trimmings, these Christmas desserts and sweet festive treats are a feast for the eyes and tastebuds.


Although there are already more than enough reasons to pop into Amano in person, it’s great news that they’ve also just launched an online store with all their Christmas offerings available at a click. The pavlovas are a highlight, but if you’re not into meringue, there are also fruit-topped double-layer Christmas cakes and custard tarts, iced speculaas cookies in festive shapes, amaretto biscuits and what might just be the city’s best fruit mince pies.

Espresso Workshop

To make your morning cuppa a little more Christmas, Espresso Workshop has blended and roasted a Festive Blend of Brazil Kaparao and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere  that encapsulates the sweet, candied citrus and spiced flavours of Christmas. It’s a limited-edition run, so pop in for a bag  of beans or ground coffee before the big day. 

La Petit Fourchette

The incredible Buche Chocolat and Buche Framboise yule logs at La Petite Fourchette are so gorgeous that they’re almost – almost – too beautiful to eat, but the fact that they’re going to taste even better than they look should be enough to get you across the line. LPF also have Christmas mince pies and freezable pain au chocolat and croissants that you can pop in the oven on Christmas morning for an easy, delicious breakfast. 


There’s almost no end to the list of goodies that Miann turns out for Christmas. Chocolate trees! Chocolate baubles! Chocolate houses! Christmas macarons! Gateaux shaped like snowmen and trees! Fruit cakes! Festive chocolate bars. Reading through the list on their website is overwhelming, so we think the best way to deal with it is just to head in and pick what speaks to you most on the day.


Now also with an online Christmas shop, Milse has a big range of delicious seasonal treats. We love the adorable Christmas tree, snowman and Rudolph macarons, intense liqueur and nut chocolate bon-bons, gingerbread and shortbread cookies and flavoured marshmallows, but the highlight has to be the strawberry and lemon white chocolate log on a crispy rice puff base.