Mexico’s brand marketing manager is relying on Whittakers chocolate (good) and instant coffee (bad) and quarantine memes (excellent) to get through lockdown.

Where are you on lockdown and who are you with?

Myself, my husband and my seven-year-old son. 

How are you all doing? Do you need any help from the outside world?

Fine so far. It’s all very surreal but I’m reminding myself home is the best place right now. My husband is in food production – an “essential service” – so is out of the house most of the time so it’s just myself and Max staying home. We’re doing fine but I’m very excited about my Countdown deliveries with lots of Whittakers’ finest if that classifies as help. 

Are you still working, and if so, how? 

Yes! I’m really lucky to be working from home on have heaps of fantastic projects we’re creating for Mexico so when we open again we’ll have lots of fun stuff happening for our customers. In the meantime we’re sharing recipes, videos, tips and tricks over on our website and on our social media pages both on Facebook and Instagram @mexiconz.

What will this situation mean for your business/job, and is there any way that the community can support it now, or when a little more normalcy returns? 

Hospitality has and will continue to be hit very hard. The best thing people can do is support us as much as possible when we open again! Put your phone and your food delivery apps away and get out with your friends and family to visit restaurants, cafes and bars in person. Hospitality is all about community, enjoying beautiful food and drinks with your favourite people, having conversation and spending time together. We can’t wait to open and see everyone again. 

What are the main things you’re doing to stay occupied/positive? 

I’m prioritising exercise and eating well for my mental and physical health, going on walks at 5am so I can still get exercise in and not bump into any other humans and making sure I keep my weight training up in my makeshift garage gym. I’m chatting to friends and family on video-calling sites daily and I’m throwing myself into fun projects with Mexico so I can keep my brain and creative side working too. I’m also spending a lot of time sharing quarantine memes on my Instagram, you know, vital stuff. 

What are you finding to be the biggest challenge and how are you handling it? 

I think the biggest challenge is just not being able to go out wherever, whenever you want to, not being connected physically to work, friends and family and having to survive on instant coffee. I just remind myself it’s for the greater good, it’s not about me and there are people in NZ and the world doing this whole thing MUCH worse off than I am, so suck it up princess and get the job done! 

Do you have a project or lifestyle change that you’re planning to get underway in this time?

I’m focusing on getting some really great projects completed to make Mexico even better and to spend less time staring at my phone and put my face in more books.


Your recommendations 

A series or film to watch  Six Feet Under – the greatest TV show ever with the greatest finale of all time

An album to put on repeat Shapeshifter – Soulstice, The 1975 - A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships, Beyoncé -  Lemonade. 

A book to read Chasing the Scream – Johann Hari, and Mark Manson - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***.

A site to visit – my favourite website on earth. Always, always a good time.